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How does the CoGri Joint Stabiliser Work?

Excessive shrinkage and/or curling can cause load transfer problems at floor joints. If left untreated will cause damage to the joint arris, structural failure of the floor and increased maintenance of the forklift trucks trafficking it.

The CoGri Joint Stabiliser is installed by coring a hole in the concrete slab at the joint location and replacing the core with the CoGri Joint Stabiliser which is then expanded to exert pressure to each side of the joint.

Typically the CoGri Joint Stabiliser units are spaced approximately 1 metre apart on the joint, with 4 units installed at each joint intersection 300mm from the intersection. See image below.

Positive Joint load transfer capacity is re-established when the CoGri Joint Stabiliser is installed at the joint, resulting in smooth, uninterrupted production.

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CoGri Joint Stabiliser Diagram

The mechanics of the CoGri Joint Stabiliser

The CoGri Joint Stabiliser is a split aluminium cylinder containing a screw and wedge torque mechanism. When inserted between two slabs and expanded the pressure provides the interlock needed to restore positive load transfer and virtually eliminates harmful slab movement. The patented spring-like mechanism allows it to expand and contract with the slab as it undergoes normal slab movement due to temperature changes. This gives users year after year of superior performance.
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The Most Efficient Load Transfer Repair System

The CoGri Joint Stabiliser is less disruptive and requires less downtime than any repair method for joint stabilisation. The system costs less than full-depth joint replacement and usually cheaper than retrofit dowels or subslab grout injection.

Compared to traditional load transfer repair methods, the CoGri Joint Stabiliser offers rapid installation, immediate return to service and solid results..

Benefits CoGri Joint Stabiliser Subslab Grout Injection Retrofit Dowels Full-depth Joint Replacement Semi-rigid Joint Filler
Cost Effective
Fast + Easy Installation
Minimum Distruption
Use Floor Immediately
Allows Slab Movement Due to Temperature Changes
Permanent Solution