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CoGri Arris Repair Mortar


CoGri Arris Repair Mortar is resistant to a wide range of chemicals including petroleum products. The mortar is stable to freezing and thaw.

Typical Properties at 20°C

  • Prime with CoGri Bondcoat
  • High Strength: Compressive Strength of 105N/mm² after 7 days
  • Cures in 4 – 6 hours
  • Can be ground after initial cure
  • Pot Life of 40 minutes
  • 16kg unit yields approximately 8 litres of mixed material

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The CoGri Arris Repair Mortar is a premium epoxy resin based repair mortar of the highest quality, with a demonstrable record of proven performance in the repair of floor joints to warehouse, distribution centres and other industrial environments. This three pack product consists of a resin base, a bottle of hardener and a bag of specially graded fillers when mixed, produces a mortar that is easy to place using hand tools, delivering concrete arris repairs with the highest mechanical properties.


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